These commercials aired on NBC on November 14th, 1981

1. "Space Stars" Intro
2. "Space Stars" Commercial Bumper
3. Star Wars: "The Empire Strikes Back" Darth Vader Collector's Case
4. Lucky Charms
5. "Space Stars" Commercial Bumpers
6. Madcap Marathon (Those parents get 1000 cool points for playing a game like this. My parents would never)
7. Moppets Secret Doll House
8. "Space Stars" Commercial Bumpers
9. Barbie Dream Pool
10. Stomper SSC Daredevil Loop Set (The older kid is J.D. Roth, who later hosted the game show "Funhouse")
11. Freezy Freakies (Imagine the horror of going to a regular sized J.C. Penney and finding these weren't in stock)
12. WKYC Station ID
13. "Space Stars" Commercial Bumpers
14. Star Wars: "The Empire Strikes Back" Slave I (Awesome. I'm confused as to why the kid is giving Boba Fett such a strange accent though)
15. "Space Stars" Commercial Bumpers
16. Rev'n Roll Raceway
17. "Space Stars" End Credits
18. Ask NBC News Intro
19. Honey Comb (Partial)

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