This Freaked Us Out When We Was Kids But A Classic 80s Tv Advert.
Mr So-oft, won’t you tell me why the world in which you’re living is so strange…
Oh, Mr So-oft, how come everything around you is so soft and rearranged?…
Voiceover: Bite into the shell of a Trebor spearmint Softmint and everything turns chewy and soft! Mmm — they’re crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside!

A spearmint flavoured chewy centred sweets in a crisp candy coating, Trebor was founded in 1907 when William Woodc0ck (a sugar boiler) and Robert Robertson (a grocer), Sydney Marks and Thomas King each put £100 into a partnership to form a confectionery company.

Originally known as Robertson & Woodc0ck, the name changed to Trebor when the company moved into Trebor House in Upton Park, London. Trebor mints were launched in 1935, with Trebor Extra Strong following two years later.